Potency, Quality and Energy

European Ingredients – Manufactured in USA

We are continuously improving our quality controls through both internal measures and those carried out in laboratories outside our factory, and select the most recognized companies worldwide as our suppliers of raw material.

We are always improving to assist you as a customer at all times and meet your needs.

At Ultra Revive! ®, we take the quality, purity and efficiency of our products very seriously. From the cultivation or supply of the raw materials to the finished product, we follow a rigorous process that guarantees that our customers receive the best product possible.

Our system of quality assurance provides the necessary framework, monitoring and documentation to ensure the quality and effectiveness of all our products. This system has been designed for the manufacture of dietary supplements. A Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) was established to create a comprehensive system of process control, including documentation at each stage of the manufacturing process. This camera system detects problems or product variations as they occur, minimizing the possibility of irregularities in the product in its finished form. The manufacturing facility is committed to maintaining strict accordance with cGMP. Following these guidelines ensures that our products maintain their identity, purity, strength and composition, and that the specifications in manufacturing the master record are not adulterated.